2012 October

The Walking Dead for The Wall Street Journal

Some days, I love my job.  Like days when an editor calls me and asks if I’m interested in photographing the creation of a zombie.  Disclaimer here – I think of myself as someone with impeccable taste in film and television, except of course if that show or movie involves vampires or a zombie […]

The Coast Revisited

October 11th, 2012
The Coast Revisited

My creative co-conspirator, business partner, and lovely wife Kendrick Brinson and I found ourselves an opportunity to revisit our ongoing project titled simply, The Coast.  This leg was a short drive from sunny LA to San Diego, sandwiched between two shoots with only an afternoon of shooting to afford.  While I always crave more, […]

Rebranding for Jackmont Hospitality

I love anytime I get to collaborate creatively with my clients to develop their new look.  For that reason, it was my pleasure to work with New Thought Marketing and the good folks at Jackmont Hospitality on their corporate rebranding.  The company was founded in 1994 by Daniel Halpern, Brooke Jackson Edmond, and her […]

Albert Mbanfu for Bloomberg Businessweek

I met Albert Mbanfu at the downtown Atlanta office of Lutheran Services of Georgia.  He greeted me with a warm smile, and I sat quietly while he described to me the process his job entails.  Mbanfu and his organization work with the government to ease the transition of refugees who are admitted into the […]

Escapes #4

October 5th, 2012
Escapes #4

This escape was not one with others, but one of my own, to my new and old place of solace.  We escaped to her family, now my family’s bicentennial cotton farm in rural Georgia.  Amidst what seemed a tornado of debris in life we slipped out.  We took a breath and dove down, deep […]

Elaine Riddick for Bloomberg Businessweek

It never ceases to amaze me the atrocities the United States government has been willing to commit against it’s own people.  Elaine Riddick’s story is one of those acts of barbarity, and still, she fights back.  Fighting not for money, nor notoriety, but for justice and for the sake of the pursuit of what’s […]

Atlanta Dream for Atlanta Magazine

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Atlanta Dream for a feature story in my award-winning hometown magazine.  It was all the more interesting because Dream Too LLC, the Atlanta Dream ownership group, is the only all-female ownership group in Atlanta professional sports, comprised of owners Mary Brock and Kelly Loeffler. In my […]