2012 December

Sunday Church for Atlanta Magazine

I recently had the always welcomed opportunity to collaborate with my favorite partner in crime, my lovely wife Kendrick Brinson.  After a series of brainstorming session with the staff at Atlanta Magazine, we decided an ideal photo essay to accompany the publication’s issue on ‘The South’ would be the simple pursuit of Sunday church [...]

Florida for AARP: iPhone

December 7th, 2012
Florida for AARP: iPhone

This trip marks a very significant point in my personal photographic life.  It stands as the honest point when I finally embraced my phone as another tool in my bag.  Sure, I used it before here and there, and when I had to, but I never truly accepted it –  Never looked at it [...]

Florida for AARP: Portraiture

Amidst the statewide documentary scavenger hunt, iPhone essay, audio interviews, video portraiture and conceptual video work, I still had to fit in still portraiture. As my plate was clearly full, this had to be done in a relatively short amount of time after I found my subjects and collected the rest of the bag [...]

Florida for AARP: Sense of Place

Capturing a feeling or the essence of a place is always a challenge, and one that I never claim that I, or anyone for that matter can do to a definitive degree.  All we can do is search for images that speak to our own heart, and convey what we feel inside.  Any two [...]

Florida for AARP: Documentary

Let me start off by stating unequivocally the fact that I LOVE Florida.  If anyone needs to know a good gift to get me for X-Mas, one of the cheesy knock-off copies of the I heart NY shirts with Florida substituted would do just fine.  I love the place, the people as a whole, [...]