2013 March

Rich Kidz for The FADER

March 25th, 2013
Rich Kidz for The FADER

When The FADER calls, you know you are in for an interesting shoot.  You also normally know you’re in for something authentic as this predictor-of-what’s-next craves images that feel real and fresh.  The publication normally impresses upon the artists that you want a look into their real life and not another trite image of [...]

Satia Renee for The Wall Street Journal

As collegiate level online educational courses grow in number and credibility, so does the practice of cheating and plagiarism.  Satia Renee, a former teaching assistant who I photographed for the story, cited a 10 percent incidence of cheating on the papers she graded for a class taught by Professor Eric Rabkin of the University [...]

Richard Blais for The Wall Street Journal

For the ongoing fitness series in The Wall Street Journal, I photographed former Top Chef competitor Chef Richard Blais in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park.  Blais, whose restaurants include HD-1, Flip Burger Boutique, and The Spence, demonstrated a technique he utilizes entitled fartleking – a method of training which blends continuous training with interval training. Blais [...]