Meanwhile at Brinson+Banks

Posted on May 26, 2015

Though my work here may have quieted down, my photographic life has sped up over at Brinson+Banks, my collaboration with my wife and fabulously creative partner Kendrick Brinson. Read More

Cinema Vehicles for The Wall Street Journal

Posted on May 26, 2015

This is one of a few assignments as of late that has given me immense enjoyment photographing inanimate objects. I’ll start off by rebuking the term I just used in arguing that simply because an object does not breathe, change or live does not mandate it has no life of it’s own. Read More

Dolby: Experiential Innovators

Posted on May 24, 2015

A view from the balcony of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California, on Monday, May 11, 2015. (Photo by David Walter Banks)

After 50 years and counting, Dolby Laboratories continues to lead the charge in innovating the movie-going experience Read More

My Waking Life: Memory and Perception

Posted on May 24, 2015


At a recent dinner with wonderful creative friends, conversation turned to the topic of memory, and more specifically our perceptions of memory. Read More

Death Valley for GONE

Posted on May 15, 2015

A view of the Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes near Stovepipe Wells Village, on Friday, May 8, 2015.

For me, it is a dream request to hit the road through desolate beautiful rural spaces where the journey is the destination. Read More

Shelby Lynne, The Soulful Southern Gothic Queen of the California Desert

Posted on May 2, 2015

The Soulful Southern Gothic Queen of the California Desert, 0r that’s the moniker I bestow her anyway. I must start by saying that, yes, I did fall a bit in love with the aura of this rock goddess 14-years my senior, but only the type of crush a boy develops 14-years my junior. Read More

The Batmobile and 20 other shoots

Posted on April 6, 2015

Spring cleaning. It’s more of a quarterly practice for me. And not just cleaning out behind the refrigerator, and organizing the closet, but a reorganization and catch-up on my entire life. From the stacks of paperwork to the distant relationships in need of rekindling Read More

Vanagons and Vagabonds

Posted on February 2, 2015

Salton_Imperial_Digital_028No better way to make a new friend than to embark on an exploration alongside them. Read More

Rachel Goldenberg for Society

Posted on January 26, 2015


It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with my friends over at Society, Read More