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Entrapment for Rolling Stone I’m always amazed at the gift I am given when someone allows me, a total stranger, into their life at a vulnerable or emotional time. It creates in my own mind a certain sense of responsibility – a responsibility to be sensitive in my approach, and to portray them with respect and dignity. That [...]
Escape to LA Pt. I: Cross Country It’s a strange feeling to get in the car one morning, and leave your home, life, and everything you know behind. It’s a feeling both sad, happy, free and terrifying. That’s what we did six weeks ago when we left the South, and set out for the West Coast. We loaded up our two [...]
Escape to LA Pt. II: Landscape I am enamored by the natural world. I feed off of my surroundings, and I am drinking in the vast range of beauty out my front door in Southern California. I am indulging my secret landscape photographer within. As I said before, the allure of this place will not soon be lost on me.

Escape to LA Pt. III: Muse

January 10th, 2014
Escape to LA Pt. III: Muse As photographers, we are defined not just by our style, and who we are, but also by the subjects we choose. I believe I’m still in search of my perfectly suited professional subject, or perhaps such a pursuit is trivial to strive for, and I should just accept that this will be a [...]

2013 Year in Review

January 6th, 2014
2013 Year in Review I began looking for my best images of the year, but found that to be a doomed cause for on a different day I would certainly select a different stack of photographs. I relieved myself instead by simply selecting some of my favorites from some of the shoots I enjoyed the most. Oftentimes simply [...]