Kate Mulleavy for The Wall Street Journal


Without a doubt, my idea of ‘news’ coverage has changed since moving to Los Angeles to include a whole plethora of interests that would in most cases slip quietly past my personal radar. New haircuts, for example, as was the case with my recent Wall Street Journal shoot with Rodarte co-founder Kate Mulleavy. That said, [...]

Dan Bilzerian for The Wall Street Journal

What could I say about Dan Bilzerian that the photographs do not. What could I say about Bilzerian that his own instagram account does not (seriously follow it, and then follow smushball’s). Well, plenty, but fortunately that is on the writer’s shoulders and not my own. I will say that I was surprised by [...]

Karen de la Carriere: Ex-Queen of Scientology

Karen de la Carriere, former Sea Org Class IX Supervisor and ex-wife of the former Scientology president Heber Jentzsch, turned whistle-blower on the organization. I would write here more, but quite honestly, those people are terrifying and I have little interest in their wrath. I will leave that to the writing of Laura Collins at [...]

Pam & Gela for The Wall Street Journal

Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, the unlikely duo who created the fashion giant Juicy Couture go back to their roots with a new venture, and hopes to chase their dreams once more. Here’s a look behind the scenes in the living room headquarters of the new Pam & Gela. Check out the story

Matt Reeves for The Wall Street Journal

While I am happy to have hours, days or weeks with a subject, I am also constantly working to cultivate that need for speed which I encounter frequently. This particular shoot – six precious minutes and three setups. The trickier part is trying to connect with a subject in that period of time. As [...]

Teen Cancer Survivor for The New York Times

During my recent endeavor to incorporate yoga into my life, I’ve chosen certain words to focus on and come back to when I feel my mind stray. Among these are, stereotypically, creativity, but more importantly kindness and positivity. I have no doubt that my life and the life of those around me would be [...]

Gun Permits for The New York Times

While there may be plenty of people who are gun nuts in a mad dash to carry a concealed weapon, Pete Alexander is not one of them. Alexander was one of the first to apply for the permit after recent legislation eased gun regulation in California. Alexander is a proud gun owner and enthusiast. [...]

Skirball for The New York Times

Jewish history and heritage and lions and boats and lighting and rainbows, oh my…
To read the article about the fabulous Skirball Cultural Center by Edward Rothstein, click here.

The Education Beat

June 30th, 2014
The Education Beat

I had a stretch where I found myself on the education beat for clients like The Wall Street Journal and Education Week among others. Pretty much any photojournalist has spent some amount of time dealing with the horror of classroom overhead lighting. I used to dread such shoots, but I’ve grown a fondness for [...]