Friends, Students and Family at Field Trip


Photography is about so many things. It is about passion, love, excitement, change, beauty, injustice, creativity, evolution. It is about so much more. Sometimes, it is about problem solving, coping, bobbing and weaving, and throwing the plans out the window. When Kendrick Brinson and I woke up in our cabin in Santa Barbara to [...]

Miami and Musings on Education

Change is the only thing we can really count on. People, countries, cultures, beliefs – they all change.  For me, outlooks change and evolve over time.  I used to say I would never marry, and now I’m happily wed.  I said I would never own property, and here I am a proud home-owner.  My [...]

Caracas Travelogue

If money was taken out of the equation, and I was given access to unlimited funds, I would still need little.  I would place the lion’s share in the hands of those who could fight for civil equality.  The rest I would use simply to travel and document those wanderings.  Perhaps I paint myself [...]

Via Crucis in Petare

Given my obsession with The Fourth Wall, and our society’s interaction with altered theatrical realities, I was in heaven, so to speak, as I watched Jesus drag his cross through the barrio El Nazareno in Petare, Caracas, Venezuela.  I was on visual overload as I watched the passionate reenactment unfold through this [...]

Workshop and More in Caracas

Kendrick Brinson and I spent over a week in Caracas, Venezuela at RMTF, an amazing photography school run by teacher and photographer Roberto Mata.  We arrived in Caracas and immediately went on a press tour – we were interviewed and photographed for a full-page section front story in Venezuela’s El [...]

Banks and Brinson to Lecture at WKU and UM

Myself and Kendrick Brinson will be speaking at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, March 12, 2012. We will be speaking about the business of photography, presenting new photos from ongoing projects, discussing collaboration, and answering questions from the audience.
Western Kentucky University
Mass Media and Technology Hall
Monday, March 12, 2012, [...]