Pam & Gela for The Wall Street Journal

Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, the unlikely duo who created the fashion giant Juicy Couture go back to their roots with a new venture, and hopes to chase their dreams once more. Here’s a look behind the scenes in the living room headquarters of the new Pam & Gela. Check out the story

Snoop Lion + Trinidad James

On a recent social media shoot for Adidas, I had the pleasure of photographing the infamous and incomparable Snoop Dogg, aka., Snoop Lion, aka., Tha Doggfather, aka., Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. of Long Beach as well as the up-and-coming, All-Gold-Everything, Trinidad James, aka., Nicholas Williams of my home town and the Capital of the South, ATL.

Matt Reeves for The Wall Street Journal

While I am happy to have hours, days or weeks with a subject, I am also constantly working to cultivate that need for speed which I encounter frequently. This particular shoot – six precious minutes and three setups. The trickier part is trying to connect with a subject in that period of time. As [...]

Teen Cancer Survivor for The New York Times

During my recent endeavor to incorporate yoga into my life, I’ve chosen certain words to focus on and come back to when I feel my mind stray. Among these are, stereotypically, creativity, but more importantly kindness and positivity. I have no doubt that my life and the life of those around me would be [...]

Gun Permits for The New York Times

While there may be plenty of people who are gun nuts in a mad dash to carry a concealed weapon, Pete Alexander is not one of them. Alexander was one of the first to apply for the permit after recent legislation eased gun regulation in California. Alexander is a proud gun owner and enthusiast. [...]

The Education Beat

June 30th, 2014
The Education Beat

I had a stretch where I found myself on the education beat for clients like The Wall Street Journal and Education Week among others. Pretty much any photojournalist has spent some amount of time dealing with the horror of classroom overhead lighting. I used to dread such shoots, but I’ve grown a fondness for [...]

Friends, Students and Family at Field Trip


Photography is about so many things. It is about passion, love, excitement, change, beauty, injustice, creativity, evolution. It is about so much more. Sometimes, it is about problem solving, coping, bobbing and weaving, and throwing the plans out the window. When Kendrick Brinson and I woke up in our cabin in Santa Barbara to [...]

Austin Wilson

June 4th, 2014
Austin Wilson

I never pass up the opportunity to talk highly about a talented friend or colleague, and I’m fortunate enough to be both with writer and director Austin Wilson. Austin’s creativity and talent stands as a testament to itself, and it’s been my pleasure to watch both his work and company evolve and skyrocket since [...]

Cannabis Cup for The Washington Post

I could say that I’ve never been around so much pot smoke in my life, but I’ve spent a lot of studio time photographing rappers, so that would simply be a lie. As I wandered my way through the relatively pleasant crowd, I couldn’t help but compare that to a mentality that would undoubtedly [...]