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Vanagons and Vagabonds

Posted by David Walter Banks on February 2, 2015 in Documentary, Lifestyle, Personal, Travel | No Comments

No better way to make a new friend than to embark on an exploration alongside them.

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Posted by David Walter Banks on November 28, 2014 in Documentary, Personal, Travel | No Comments

The older I get the more I realize how much I have to learn, yet the more my view on my own life seems to come into focus.

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A Fevered Dream

Soul searching pulled me West. Once here, the desert snuck in through the back door of the recesses of my mind, where imagination reins, subservient only to an unflinching curiosity.

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Escape to LA Pt. I: Cross Country

It’s a strange feeling to get in the car one morning, and leave your home, life, and everything you know behind.

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Escape to LA Pt. II: Landscape

Posted by David Walter Banks on January 10, 2014 in Documentary, Nature, Personal, Travel | 3 Comments

I am enamored by the natural world. I feed off of my surroundings, and I am drinking in the vast range of beauty out my front door in Southern California.

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Escape to LA Pt. III: Muse

As photographers, we are defined not just by our style, and who we are, but also by the subjects we choose.

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2013 Year in Review

I began looking for my best images of the year, but found that to be a doomed cause for on a different day I would certainly select a different stack of photographs.

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Florida: Eden Isle on TIME Lightbox

It was my honor to have TIME’s Lightbox publish my new project, Florida: Eden Isle,

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Florida: MegaCon This will be the last set of images I’ll share from my most recent foray into the fantastical world of Florida tourism.

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