Cinema Vehicles for The Wall Street Journal

Posted on May 26, 2015

This is one of a few assignments as of late that has given me immense enjoyment photographing inanimate objects. I’ll start off by rebuking the term I just used in arguing that simply because an object does not breathe, change or live does not mandate it has no life of it’s own. Objects very much have a life of their own, changing and moving over time, just like the earth on which they were created. They have characteristics that morph, they mean different things to different people, and with a small stretch of the imagination even seem to have a voice of their own and a personality – one that may very well change with age.

And since the likelihood is slim that anyone reading this has in fact read my previous blog posts, I’ll now regurgitate a few of my own words on the enjoyment photographing things (to those of you who read my dolby post, I heart you, and skip the next paragraph) – I’ll always love photographing people, but landscapes and things are a whole other kind of fun. If it’s true that every portrait of every subject is truly a self-portrait of the photographer, then photographing things is but an amplification of that concept. Landscapes, things, details, places – they all speak to us if we are willing to listen, just like a human subject. They all have a personality, inherent features, a good side even. The difference is that we are left to translate all of this ourselves, and that translation is therefore subject to the filter of our own brain. Our own ideas, aesthetic, hopes, desires, wants, needs – our own vision.

If you’ve ever wondered where movie cars come from or go to die, Cinema Vehicle Services, is one of the magical lots hidden away in North Hollywood where cars from movies like RoboCop, Fast & Furious, and many more call home, including Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds, pictured below. Between their gates you can find everything from a long line of busted up old El Caminos to sixties style school busses to swat tanks and even a polished Plymouth Coupe from the movie Gangster Squad. It was a pleasure of a place to wander around for the afternoon.

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