Hope Scholarship for The Wall Street Journal

Posted on January 18, 2013


A little while back I worked on a piece for The Wall Street Journal about the Georgia Lottery funded Hope Scholarship program, and the lack thereof.  The program, which originally paid for in-state tuition plus book expenses at Georgia state schools for those maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, has since increased requirements and cut funding.  A shortage of funds has led to the ongoing debate over whether this and similar programs should base the reward solely on merit, or if need should come into the equation.  For the story, I photographed two young women, one from a high income family who received the scholarship, and the other from a low income family who narrowly missed the requirements to receive the Hope.  It saddens me to see the program that fully paid for my collegiate schooling slipping away, and while I may have certain leanings over the debate of need vs. merit I can certainly see both sides.  Both of these young women were bright, friendly and deserving of the financial aid – it’s a shame they couldn’t both receive it.

Read more about the ongoing debate on The Wall Street Journal’s website here.

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