Meanwhile at Brinson+Banks

Posted on May 26, 2015

Though my work here may have quieted down, my photographic¬†life has sped up over at Brinson+Banks, my collaboration with my wife and fabulously creative partner Kendrick Brinson. I couldn’t be more excited about the work we are creating and business we are building as a team, so I wanted to share some of my recent favorites here. To follow along with the new diggs, follow @brinsonbanks on Instagram, or on Tumblr,¬†or on our blog.

DWB_BrinsonBanks_0002 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0003 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0004 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0005 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0006 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0007 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0008 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0009 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0010 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0011 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0012 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0013 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0014 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0015 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0016 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0017 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0018 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0019 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0020 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0021 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0022 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0023 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0024 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0025 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0026 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0027 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0028 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0029 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0030 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0031 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0032 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0033 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0034 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0035 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0036 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0037 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0038 DWB_BrinsonBanks_0039

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