Rebranding for Jackmont Hospitality

Posted on October 10, 2012


I love anytime I get to collaborate creatively with my clients to develop their new look.  For that reason, it was my pleasure to work with New Thought Marketing and the good folks at Jackmont Hospitality on their corporate rebranding.  The company was founded in 1994 by Daniel Halpern, Brooke Jackson Edmond, and her father, the late and incomparable former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, Jr.  It was also exciting to be a part of the ongoing legacy of a man who was not only the first African-American mayor of Atlanta, but also an individual who accomplished so much to forward the political, social and economical prosperity of the place I call home.  A man I had only read about in my growing collection of history books.  The time had come for the company to take on a new look, and here is a sneak peek at the new vibe they will be releasing soon.

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