The Batmobile and 20 other shoots

Posted on April 6, 2015

Spring cleaning. It’s more of a quarterly practice for me. And not just cleaning out behind the refrigerator, and organizing the closet, but a reorganization and catch-up on my entire life. From the stacks of paperwork to the distant relationships in need of rekindling to the general practice of taking stock and resetting my sights. In that vein, I’ve become so behind on sharing work, I decided a bit of a digest was in order. So here in no particular order are some works shot for The Wall Street Journal, Education Week, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Nature, Leadership for Education Equity, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The assignments have ranged from issues dealing with medical malpractice, living wage and poverty to a drive with the Michael Keaton Batmobile. I’ve photographed famous comedians, fashion designers, teachers, artists, and even video game and toy designers. It’s this wealth of experience and the people I meet through my work that make me love my job. At the end of my life, I want to be rich in experience. So, a warm and grateful thanks to all of you out there in these photos and beyond who have so graciously made a deposit into my memory savings account.  And though this post is a bit of a purge with little text, I treasure the time I spent with you all more than words can tell.

Writer and Comedian Megan Amram at her home Writer and Comedian Megan Amram at her home Writer and Comedian Megan Amram at her home 2015_Recent_Assignment_005 2015_Recent_Assignment_006 2015_Recent_Assignment_007 2015_Recent_Assignment_008 2015_Recent_Assignment_009 2015_Recent_Assignment_010 2015_Recent_Assignment_011 2015_Recent_Assignment_012 2015_Recent_Assignment_013 2015_Recent_Assignment_014 2015_Recent_Assignment_015 2015_Recent_Assignment_016 2015_Recent_Assignment_017 TOTTHINNING 2015_Recent_Assignment_019 2015_Recent_Assignment_020 2015_Recent_Assignment_021 2015_Recent_Assignment_022 2015_Recent_Assignment_023 2015_Recent_Assignment_024 2015_Recent_Assignment_025 2015_Recent_Assignment_026 2015_Recent_Assignment_027 2015_Recent_Assignment_028 2015_Recent_Assignment_029 2015_Recent_Assignment_030 2015_Recent_Assignment_031 2015_Recent_Assignment_032 2015_Recent_Assignment_033 2015_Recent_Assignment_034 2015_Recent_Assignment_035 2015_Recent_Assignment_036 2015_Recent_Assignment_037 Lori Smith, mother of Aaron Young, and her husband Glenn Smith 2015_Recent_Assignment_039 2015_Recent_Assignment_040

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