Vanagons and Vagabonds

Posted on February 2, 2015

Salton_Imperial_Digital_028No better way to make a new friend than to embark on an exploration alongside them. That’s how my good buddy Dan Kraus introduced me to the wonderfully talented photographer Michael Mullady, and the exceptionally fabulous Cristina. Ok, so we actually met in a bar, and being the jobless wanderers we are, we decided to pile into Michael’s VW Vanagon a few days later to peruse my beloved California desert. Not only did I make some wonderful new friends, but I also received the final push to trade in my car for my own VW Camper Van. Here are a few from our brief time on the road together (film photos yet to come).

Salton_Imperial_Digital_029 Salton_Imperial_Digital_030 Salton_Imperial_Digital_031 Salton_Imperial_Digital_032 Salton_Imperial_Digital_033 Salton_Imperial_Digital_034 Salton_Imperial_Digital_035 Salton_Imperial_Digital_036 Salton_Imperial_Digital_037 Salton_Imperial_Digital_038 Salton_Imperial_Digital_039 Salton_Imperial_Digital_040 Salton_Imperial_Digital_041 Salton_Imperial_Digital_042 Salton_Imperial_Digital_043 Salton_Imperial_Digital_044 Salton_Imperial_Digital_045 Salton_Imperial_Digital_046 Salton_Imperial_Digital_047 Salton_Imperial_Digital_048 Salton_Imperial_Digital_049 Salton_Imperial_Digital_050 Salton_Imperial_Digital_051 Salton_Imperial_Digital_052 Salton_Imperial_Digital_053 Salton_Imperial_Digital_054

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